Friday, October 28, 2016

New Weasel Walter solo release on Tombed Visions

"Having commissioned Weasel Walter for a release for Tombed Visions, I wasn’t disappointed when he sent me back the riotous, unrelenting and rhythmically audacious ‘The Inevitable’. What simply astonished me, was that this was a solo a recording. Exactly. I literally had to triple check this fact with him. This a not the sound of a well-oiled, well giged and near telepathic trio, but the sound of one man playing with the ferocity and inventiveness of 20. A man that has such a complete vision of his own language that he literally able to perform, improvise and summon the sound of band that have been playing together for decades all on markedly different instruments, clawing out the most extreme sonics from Double Bass, Drums and Guitar. And that’s because Weasel has been doing exactly this for decades. Both sides rush by like an express train to pain. Even in the moments when the drum grooves become stuttered and shards of space are cleft in the sound, the double bass carving out deep, coagulated earthen rumbles, these pockets of seeming rest are permeated by a kind of amphetamine rush, waiting to kick back in and turn you synapses into cinder. And there is so much groove in this record. Weasel’s skin shearing, acidic surf guitar is perhaps the guiding force of the record, spraying the battle locked drum and bass with sheets of sounds that’ll sting your eyes with the amount of sweat they’ve been produced with. Although seemingly unremitting and sustained in its sonic attack, the aptly titled ‘The Inevitable’ has so much worthy of revision in it. Of course, it’s a by the throat record, but repeated listens, when you focus the individual patterns, licks, contrapuntal elements involved in the maelstrom your ears are bleeding from, there is a real mastery to be detected. So much detail is in the ferocity, which makes it all the more alarming. This is a beating administered by someone who knows exactly what they are doing. And you should just accept and submit to it." - Tombed Visions press blurb