Thursday, January 14, 2021

Sandy Ewen and Weasel Walter "The Paradox of Tolerance" download out now!

Sandy Ewen plays the guitar. I play the drums. Together, we do both in pretty unusual ways. "Sandy found a place where we can play, so we got together and played. We didn't really intend to make a record, but we played and it sounded and felt good, so here it is. We think this is a different kind of thing than our other releases. It allows itself to develop. It's not forced. There's some space here the whole time. Maybe you will agree?" - WW


Friday, March 1, 2019

The Flying Luttenbachers "Shattered Dimension" CD/download out now. 2LP pre-orders here

The Flying Luttenbachers NEW ALBUM
"Shattered Dimension"
AVAILABLE NOW on CD/download.


2LP preorders for North America from link above
2LP preorders for rest of the World from God Records
band on tour in Europe April 2019
April 5: London - MOTH Club
April 6: Hannover - Oberdeck
April 7: Hamburg - Hafenklang

April 8: Wuerzburg - Immerhin
April 9: Dudingen - Bad Bonn
April 10: Paris - UChicago
April 11: Amsterdam - OCCII

April 12: Diksmuide - 4AD
April 13: Antwerp - Het Bos
April 14 - Rotterdam - Worm

shows in Chicago, Pittsburgh, Cleveland May 2019

back to Europe this Winter

US booking: contact ME
Europe booking: Ricky Thunder of Swamp Booking

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The Flying Luttenbachers Europe April 2018 Tour

The Flying Luttenbachers April 2018 European Tour

The band is represented in Europe by Ricky Thunder of Swamp Booking -

Monday, November 12, 2018


Now taking orders for the digipak CD version of the brand new studio release by Martin Escalante and Weasel Walter, "Lacerate". CDs will ship by Friday.

copies are 14.00 postage paid in the US/15.00 canadian/17.00 world - paypal weaselw at juno dot com (as send money to a friend).

the bandcamp/digital version will not be available until november 21st, so if you want to hear it first, this is the way!

Sunday, September 2, 2018

CELLULAR CHAOS "Dirty Boy" EP out now

maybe you would like to hear an excoriating cover of "dirty boy" from a feminine perspective?


Friday, June 1, 2018

WEASEL WALTER / PETER EVANS - "Poisonous" digipak CD/download OUT NOW.

WEASEL WALTER / PETER EVANS - "Poisonous" digipak CD/download OUT NOW.
the best way to get it is order directly from me:
CDs are $17.00 postage paid in the US / $18.00 postage paid to canada / $19.00 postage paid elsewhere - paypal =


if you prefer other methods of ordering, the cd is available through CD Baby and Bandcamp. it will be in stock at Downtown Music Gallery and Wayside Music soon as well.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Weasel Walter "Skhiizm" CD/download out now! Hellish one-man No Wave Disaster!

"Skhiizm" is a Weasel Walter solo album consisting of seven loud, dissonant, obnoxious compositions, six of which are short and one, very long. It is likely that it resides somewhere in the vein of so-called "Noise Rock" or "No Wave".  It is pure sonic terrorism, driven by alienation, cynicism, and anger. Weasel Walter is the sole performer on "Skhiizm", executing all guitars, drums and electronics as well as bellowing up the noxious clouds of processed vocal noise which swath this illogical, polluted set of aural scaffolds . The guitars are relentlessly shrill, aggressive and irritating. The drums tend to be angular, simplistic and punishing. The electronic stuff is mostly a bunch of weird noise that rises through the cracks sporadically. The role of the vocals on "Skhiizm" has devolved into a set of slate grey blankets of thick distorted static, imparting no positive meaning. The imaginary lead singer of this fictional "Skhiizm" band has no message, nothing to say, and, in fact, can barely muster the momentum to emerge from the dark, musty cellar he dwells in. The song titles will suffice instead of lyrics. The music is mostly pointless destruction and ugliness.  You see, this whole thing is a nightmarish mockery of a "rock band" which only exists in the mind of Mr. Walter, and on this CD. The 20 minute long final track is an extended suite based on the Poison Idea song "Hangover Heart Attack" and it features endless, nerve-racking guitar soloing. We suppose this album might appeal to people who pine over Walter's 1996 Flying Luttenbachers release "Revenge" and stuff like Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, early Swans, and Red Transistor (There's exactly one traditional fast Black Metal song on this release also, friends). The material on "Skhiizm" was originally performed live by Weasel Walter solo in concert on two occasions in Brooklyn, New York during 2014 and 2016. We at ugEXPLODE Records hope you either love or hate this release as much as we either love or hate you.
the download is now available through BANDCAMP
the CD is available direct from me:
paypal weaselw at juno dot com
14.00 postage paid in the US
17.00 postage paid in Europe
other locations write for postage rate

the CD is also available through CDBABY
add sale cds to your order! prices are postage paid in US, other locations send order for postage price:
Weasel Walter Septet - Invasion CD $5
Weasel Walter - Curses CD $5
Kaiser/Smith/Walter - Plane Crash CD $5
Kaiser/Smith/Walter - Plane Crash Two CD $5
Chan/Evans/Blancarte/Walter - Cryptocrystalline CD $5
Weasel Walter - Firestorm $5 (with Marshall Allen, et al)
Sandy Ewen/Weasel Walter - Idiomatic CD $10
Weasel Walter Large Ensemble - Igneity $10 (last copies)