Friday, July 9, 2021

The Flying Luttenbachers "Negative Infinity" LP/CD/download out now! BRUTAL PROG IS BACK


US orders: ugEXPLODE

World orders: GOD RECORDS

The Flying Luttenbachers
Negative Infinity

ugEXPLODE Records/LP version released by GOD Records

"Roaring out of the gates is the 15th full-length album by no wave/punk jazz/brutal prog iconoclasts The Flying Luttenbachers, led by founding member and main composer Weasel Walter. There's a few special twists this time, friends. The last two albums, "Shattered Dimension" and "Imminent Death", both epic double-length affairs released in 2019, focused on open ended, improvisational approaches more so than heavily structured ones. "Negative Infinity" is a sort of return-to-form in a regard, featuring 6 tightly scripted doses of what they call "Brutal Prog" - the tag Weasel coined in the early 2000s to describe an elite breed of intense, complex bands who emphasised harshness and intensity over the typical prog-rock flutes and fairies positivity. This is prog for THE APOCALYPSE, not your uncle. The merciless opening track sets the tone for the album - "Fury of the Delusion" is a through-composed, neck-snapping whirlwind of a number where an unrelenting, hair-raisingly harmonized line spat forth in unison by saxophone and duel guitars is investigated, turned upside down and transformed into a deadly musical cyborg. Oh yes - the other big surprise is that Weasel doesn't provide his usual hyperactive drumming on this release. The chap has switched to guitar. He feels that it will be easier to drip sweat on the punters that way.That's right. Close your eyes. That's Sam Ospovat on the drums. Doesn't he sound great? We bet you won't even miss the Weez! Dark overlords Tim Dahl (bass) and Matt Nelson (saxophone) return once again and newest member Katie Battistoni plays the other guitar parts. The closing number, "On The Verge Of Destruction" is a monolithic side-long extrapolation off of Albert Ayler's bizarre '66/'67 "marching band on acid" musical suites. The group is shuttled through an exacting sequence of berserk rollercoaster melodies and the whole front line takes turns spewing outrageous solos. The structure coils up the band to release a climactic orgy of noise before the piece goes back to the beginning and winds down. The rest of the tunes may invoke fragant whiffs of old Mayhem sturm und drang, Teenage Jesus and the Jerks sonic terrorism, the jigsaw puzzle logic of the Rock In Opposition bands and, ahem, even '90s Flying Luttenbachers style varsity team punk-jazz ("Demonic Velocities II" appears here as a meta-sequel to the old chestnut first performed by the group as early as 1993). The core tenets of The Flying Luttenbachers remain: Dissonance, Speed, Aggression, Weirdness, Singularity. This is perhaps the finest chapter of the three-decade saga so far . . . "

released July 9, 2021

Weasel Walter (left guitar)
Matt Nelson (tenor saxophone)
Katie Battistoni (right guitar)
Tim Dahl (bass guitar)
Sam Ospovat (drums)

recorded at Mighty Toad Studios, Brooklyn, NY on November 30, 2020
recording engineers: Craig Dreyer, Lucas Haas
mixed by Weasel Walter
mastered by Colin Marston
band photo by Dominika Michalowska
all compositions by Weasel Walter / Sedition Dog Music (BMI)

copyright 2021 ugEXPLODE Records

Friday, April 2, 2021

Preorders for CD/download release: Roscoe Mitchell/Sandy Ewen/Damon Smith/Weasel Walter "A Railroad Spike Forms The Voice" coming May 2021

Preorders are now being taken for the upcoming release "A Railroad Spike Forms The Voice" by a quartet featuring Art Ensemble of Chicago legend Roscoe Mitchell with the iconoclastic Ewen/Smith/Walter trio. This epic 72 minute track is a journey through extreme counterpoint and alien timbre with constant tension and space. The replicated CD version comes in a 6 panel digipak with liner notes by Clifford Allen. It is expected to ship on or around May 10, 2021.



Thursday, January 14, 2021

Sandy Ewen and Weasel Walter "The Paradox of Tolerance" download out now!

Sandy Ewen plays the guitar. I play the drums. Together, we do both in pretty unusual ways. "Sandy found a place where we can play, so we got together and played. We didn't really intend to make a record, but we played and it sounded and felt good, so here it is. We think this is a different kind of thing than our other releases. It allows itself to develop. It's not forced. There's some space here the whole time. Maybe you will agree?" - WW


Friday, March 1, 2019

The Flying Luttenbachers "Shattered Dimension" CD/download out now. 2LP pre-orders here

The Flying Luttenbachers NEW ALBUM
"Shattered Dimension"
AVAILABLE NOW on CD/download.


2LP preorders for North America from link above
2LP preorders for rest of the World from God Records
band on tour in Europe April 2019
April 5: London - MOTH Club
April 6: Hannover - Oberdeck
April 7: Hamburg - Hafenklang

April 8: Wuerzburg - Immerhin
April 9: Dudingen - Bad Bonn
April 10: Paris - UChicago
April 11: Amsterdam - OCCII

April 12: Diksmuide - 4AD
April 13: Antwerp - Het Bos
April 14 - Rotterdam - Worm

shows in Chicago, Pittsburgh, Cleveland May 2019

back to Europe this Winter

US booking: contact ME
Europe booking: Ricky Thunder of Swamp Booking

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The Flying Luttenbachers Europe April 2018 Tour

The Flying Luttenbachers April 2018 European Tour

The band is represented in Europe by Ricky Thunder of Swamp Booking -

Monday, November 12, 2018


Now taking orders for the digipak CD version of the brand new studio release by Martin Escalante and Weasel Walter, "Lacerate". CDs will ship by Friday.

copies are 14.00 postage paid in the US/15.00 canadian/17.00 world - paypal weaselw at juno dot com (as send money to a friend).

the bandcamp/digital version will not be available until november 21st, so if you want to hear it first, this is the way!

Sunday, September 2, 2018

CELLULAR CHAOS "Dirty Boy" EP out now

maybe you would like to hear an excoriating cover of "dirty boy" from a feminine perspective?