Monday, February 17, 2014

ugEXPLODE bandcamp update: Normal Love

Now at the ugEXPLODE Bandcamp page: 2012's explosive "Survival Tricks" by Normal Love. If you missed it the first time, don't miss it again. This madcap melange of influences shatters all notions of logic. If the idea of futurist no-wave prog chamber noise insanity appeals to you, don't sleep on this one. I'm not embedding this stuff to force you to go to the page and find it. If you're too lazy, sod off, as the British might say.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

updates at ugEXPLODE Bandcamp page (new albums uploaded)

Although the label will not be issuing any new material, I will attempt to update the Bandcamp site with as complete a collection of the digital versions of the catalog titles as much as feasible. Some licensed material (like many of the Nondor Nevai-related titles and the four Skin Graft Flying Luttenbachers releases) will be left blank, I will fill in the remaining cracks in the discography over the next year.

New to the site (link above) are:

ug13 - The Flying Luttenbachers "Trauma"
ug 22 - Weasel Walter "Firestorm"
ug 54 - David Buddin "Canticles for Electronic Music"

CD copies of these releases are still available through retail outlets like Downtown Music Gallery, Squidco and Wayside Music

Please remember that there was cause and effect in the end of the label operations. People were decreasingly paying for the releases, which meant I was not able to recoup the budgets, or budget for new releases. This is a buyer's market and the market decided that ugEXPLODE was no longer economically viable.

Please feel free to enjoy the free streams of the material here (or purchase them if you like), but posit that the reason why there will be no more releases is largely because not enough people supported the label financially. Life will go on - there's plenty of music in the world to listen to. This chapter is over and others will begin.