Tuesday, December 9, 2014

What's New

As 2015 nears, I believe it's time to issue some kind of statement explaining what I've been up to and where I'm planning on heading in the future. The past few years have been very difficult. Unfortunately, sometimes life interrupts art, but I've done what I can. I mostly played guitar during 2014, and very little drums. Despite this, I recently released my first solo drumming album to a positive reception. I will play drums more in the future if circumstances move towards that.

For a number of reasons I decided to leave New York City to move to Philadelphia in November of this year. I am still in Lydia Lunch Retrovirus and Cellular Chaos, but I am seeking to establish new projects locally. I arrived in Philadelphia to no fanfare. I have very little clue about what's happening here and very few connections. I am using the downtime to steadily complete the pile of unfinished recordings from the last few years. On the slate for release in 2015 are the following recordings which I appear on:

Henry Kaiser and Ray Russell "The Celestial Squid" CD (Cuneiform Records)
Weasel Walter and Chris Pitsiokos "Drawn and Quartered" LP (One Hand Records)
Andrew Hock/Joe Morris/Weasel Walter "Jigsaw" CD (Balazs Pandi Inc.)
Henry Kaiser/Damon Smith/Weasel Walter "Plane Crash 2" CD (New Atlantis)

Deadly Orgone Radiation "Power Trips" CD (Copepod Records)
Lydia Lunch Retrovirus - title tk CD/LP (Widowspeak/Rustblade Records)

Encenathrakh - s/t CD (tba)
Vinny Golia/Max Johnson/Weasel Walter - title tk (tba)

Cellular Chaos - title tk (tba)

There are no plans to revive the ugEXPLODE label, as intended. My attitude is that it is a finished body of work. Most of the catalog releases can be sampled or purchased through Bandcamp.

I may try to finally complete masters for the QUOK and Forbes/Young/Walter studio releases if I can maintain this momentum, but I don't know how they will be released. It would be nice to try and compile a vintage End Result release if I can.

I hope to see everybody on tour in 2015 with both Lydia Lunch Retrovirus and Cellular Chaos