Monday, February 15, 2016

Update: Youtube Archive Uploads and NONWAVE torrent

For one week I will seed a massive 5GB torrent of my mid-2000s project "NONWAVE", where I overdubbed 78 Free Jazz (and other records). This is literally DAYS of music, totally maniacal. If you download this behemoth, please help seed it.


I am uploading audio/video documents from my archives onto Youtube. I will update frequently, so feel free to subscribe. Due to some glitch with Google, I have TWO channels ('ugexplode' and 'weasel walter') . . . don't be confused - they're both me.

The Flying Luttenbachers - Rehearsal, Chicago, January 10, 1992
Earliest Known Recording. Hal Russell (soprano saxophone), Chad Organ (tenor saxophone), Weasel Walter (drums)

The Flying Luttenbachers - WHPK, Chicago, Radio Broadcast, October 23, 1992
Ken Vandermark (tenor saxophone), Chad Organ (tenor saxophone), Weasel Walter (drums)

Jeff Parker/Michael Zerang/Weasel Walter - Northwestern University, Evanston
September 9, 2000
Chernobyl Chyldren - Demo 1987 and rehearals
My first hardcore band!