Sunday, December 4, 2011

Where Have I Been? ugEXPLODE update

Hello friends. I haven't upped anything to the blog in a while because I've been busy doing some other stuff. One of my major projects right now is the memorization of all the notes for the Behold...The Arctopus February 2012 live sets. The band - with me as new drummer - has been rehearsing for a solid two years now and we're getting ready to finally bring our hard work to the stage. The material is a step forward in gnarliness for the band and I think people who dug the late Luttenbachers material will hear a lot of interesting things in it. It is definitely more cruel and dissonant than the previous material by the band. I will be playing my ass off like never before on this stuff. It should be good. When you hear it, you will understand why we had to rehearse for two years straight!

I recently did a spate of local gigs, including a trio set last night with Henry Kaiser and Elliott Sharp. The video below is an excerpt from the opening of the concert. Fans of these guys' most intense work will enjoy the music we made. We were loud and showed no mercy. Both guitarists got space to show off some of their sickest chops. A good time was had by all.

There are two great shows this Monday and Tuesday at Death By Audio in Brooklyn. The Monday show will feature the debut of a new group of mine featuring Matt Nelson on tenor saxophone and Evan Lipson (Satanized/Normal Love) on contrabass. We play kick-ass free jazz with composed elements. The other acts on the bill are a first-time pairing of Mick Barr and Marc Edwards (neither of these guys are strangers to the ugEXPLODE roster) and headlining act Dan Peck Trio, featuring Dan on tuba, Tom Blancarte on contrabass and Brian Osbourne on drums. Expect some serious abstraction and a LOT of notes at this gig!

On Tuesday, Talibam! headlines. Jon Irabagon/Mike Pride/Mick Barr will also tear up the stage. Cellular Chaos will reveal their new secret weapon on this night. I promise New York will never be the same after this. Also on the bill are a new project with ex-Liturgy drummer Greg Fox as well as intermission music by the loveably jingoistic, old-timey patriot-rock band American Liberty League (featuring Tim Dahl, Kevin Shea and David Earl Buddin). This show will be quite novel and irritating. Attendance is mandatory.

There are a lot of releases brewing for this Winter and next year. ugEXPLODE will be issuing excellent studio releases from Philly/NYC brutal prog artists Normal Love as well as the Pittsburgh based future-skronk duo Microwaves. The rumored End Result compendium is still on the table - it will probably be a massive two-disc set and we still have to go through the selections, master it all and create the artwork, so it has been a bit slow going. I guarantee this release will blow minds though. It will be worth the wait! Next year will probably see studio debuts by QUOK (feat. myself, Tim Dahl and Ava Mendoza) as well as Forbes/Young/Walter. I have some ideas for more archival No Wave releases, but I'm going to keep that stuff on the down-low until it's all properly negotiated. There will probably be a Cellular Chaos single soon too.

Non-label stuff coming soon includes a killer live release featuring myself, Paul Flaherty, C. Spencer Yeh and Steve Swell on Not Two Records. Weasel Walter/Mary Halvorson/Peter Evans will track a new studio album next year (featuring some compositions) and will appear in Europe in May 2012.  The Flying Luttenbachers' epic, penultimate album Cataclysm (featuring Mick Barr, Mike Green and Ed Rodriguez) will see its first ever vinyl issue as a 2LP set next year on Gaffer Records. The package will be special and there will be some bonus live tracks. I recently played bass on a marathon session of the band Scarcity of Tanks featuring Matthew Wascovich, John Morton (Electric Eels), Jim Sauter (Borbetomagus) and some other heavy hitters. Two albums worth of material will be issued on January 22, 2012 and another full-length release produced by myself will follow later in the year. The stuff is brutal improvised rock with more character than you can shake a stick at, topped by Matt's oblique texts. It's the most out and frenzied stuff the band has made and it will definitely appeal to those looking for some high-energy rock weirdness.

Okay. Enough for now. Back to work!

- Weasel Walter, 12.04.11


Anonymous said...

shite - man u seriously have a full table! can't wait for the arctopus to reaise its head again. quok and halvorson collaboration sounds good too. keep em coming!

Anonymous said...

They're better be a Walter/Kaiser/Sharp release in the works. Shit is fucking TIGHT.