Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bhob Rainey/Weasel Walter Duo

A free stream/download of an edited version of the concert Bhob Rainey and I played together recently in New Orleans. Following are Bhob's notes:

"Weasel and I probably would have met, anyway, but the person who introduced us was our mutual friend, Bill Pisarri (RIP). In fact, the only time we played together prior to this outing was in 1999 with Bill and Greg Kelley (Greg and I drove 36 hours straight from a gig in San Francisco to make that show on time. It was at Myopic Books in Chicago. Total fee: $0. It was worth it. We also recorded two short tracks in Bill's apartment immediately upon our arrival, both of which appeared on our first Intransitive release, the title of which is too long to repeat here).

Anyway, Rob Cambre set up this show for Weasel and I at the Mudlark Public Theatre in New Orleans. Probably two of the ten people who heard about it thought, "That's an odd pairing," and by virtue of having that thought, they sucked for a short period of time. I mean, in 1999, there were plenty of people who thought that I was the quietest saxophone player ever, while an equal amount of people thought that Weasel was an enormous asshole (=not quiet, intelligent, musical, etc.). Chalk it up to those people being naive, but it's 2011 for Xmas's sake. Is there no intellectual progress in this civilization?

Anyway, this is what we did at the Mudlark. We like it. It's got a nice structure. We'd do it again. I hope you enjoy it, and Weasel probably hopes so, too."
released 20 December 2011 - Bhob Rainey - soprano saxophone/Weasel Walter - drums with Cree McCree - inciting and critique

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