Friday, December 14, 2012

ugEXPLODE ug001: Weasel Walter - The Final Solution (1992)

I've had continual requests for a reissue of the first ugEXPLODE Records release, so here it is.

ug001 was originally issued on cassette in spring 1992 under the name "Javelin Bats" (a tag borrowed from my high school no wave band). It was released in tandem with The Flying Luttenbachers' "Live at WNUR 2-6-92" cassette sometime during the spring of 1992.

"The Final Solution" is an overdubbed duo of guitar and drums, performed by myself on two separate evenings. The guitar track was done on December 30, 1991 and the drum track was done on the next night. I believe I went to a fairly raging New Years Eve party afterwards and came home very early in the morning to mix the audio.

I suppose the inspiration for this music was "Interstellar Space" by John Coltrane and Rashied Ali, as well as later noise-out duos by Rudolph Grey with Beaver Harris. My chops were crude at the time, but youthful enthusiasm makes up for it. Essentially I was going for a marathon 45-minute explosion of energy and I believe I achieved it.

I remixed and remastered the audio around the year 2000 and briefly offered it in a generic cardboard sleeve as part of the "ugEXPLODE Archives" series along with many other titles. This is the 2000 mix.


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