Saturday, October 13, 2012

Lydia Lunch Retrovirus November Tour Dates (feat. Weasel Walter on guitar)

Weasel Walter (guitar)
Algis Kizys (bass)
Bob Bert (drums)

The band will peform a brutal survey of Lydia's material from past and present, including songs from Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, 13.13, 8-Eyed Spy and Shotgun Wedding.

Nov 8 - Los Angeles - FIDM Museum Grand Hope Park
Nov 9 - San Francisco - Verdi Club
Nov 11 - Los Angeles - The Echo
Nov 12 - Toronto - Wrongbar
Nov 13 - Hamilton - This Ain't Hollywood
Nov 15 - Brooklyn - Knitting Factory

Lydia Lunch: Queen of Siam photo session, circa 1980


Tim Wrong said...

What, no Beirut Slump?

ugEXPLODE said...

nor will there be any Devil Dogs material. you can't always get what you want, but if you try some time, you just might find you get what you DESERVE!

Chris Tigerblinds said...

I think Get On Your Knees would work good for an encore... said...

I could not be more fucking stoked on this event. For those going to the SF show, I finally forced the dude who runs Verdi to make tickets available. You can find 'em here:

La Lengua

Lydia said...

Devil Dogs would be icing.... Yeah. But this is the "commercial" sheiße, no?

scott said...

wow, really wish this had made it to chicago.. was it recorded or filmed for release??