Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Time To Suck #1 + Music I Played on the Radio Earlier Tonight

Tonight I hosted the WKCR Musicians Show from 6-9 PM. I got there early so I could take in a little bit of the staggering archives at the station. Just browsing the spines of the tape reels made my brain hurt. It was utterly insane what they had on file there. Extremely rare recordings from the classic Free Jazz eras, with insane, once-in-a-lifetime line-ups. It was a bit overwhelming. I honestly couldn't concentrate hard enough to take very much of it in. Ultimately, I wound up playing some old favorites, some upcoming new releases involving myself, some unreleased live stuff I play on and a few solid chunks from three archival reels. Here's how it went down:

Albert Ayler "Holy Ghost" from "The New Wave In Jazz" (Impulse, 1965)

Joseph Jarman "Little Fox Run" from "Song For" (Delmark, 1967)

Marshall Allen/Weasel Walter - untitled, live performance (unreleased, 2008)

James Blood Ulmer "Revealing" from "Tales of Captain Black" (Artists House, 1979)

Eric Zinman/Mario Rechtern/Weasel Walter - untitled studio track (unreleased, 2010)

Ric Colbeck Group "Highlands"/"Lowlands" from unreleased Pixie Records session (1966) w/ Benny Maupin, Byard Lancaster, Sunny Murray, Joel Freedman, Sirone, Sunny Murray

Keshavan Maslak Trio "Buddha's Hand" from "Buddha's Hand" (Circle, 1978)

QUOK (Ava Mendoza/Tim Dahl/Weasel Walter) "The George Russell Lydia Lunch Mode" from unreleased studio album (ugEXPLODE, 2012)

Jimmy Lyons Ensemble - untitled studio session (1975) w/ Andrew Cyrille, Karen Borca, Raphe Malik, Hayes Burnett

Forbes/Young/Walter - untitled piece from unreleased studio album (ugEXPLODE, 2012)

Sam Rivers "Tranquility" from "Crystals" (Impulse, 1974)

Marion Brown "QBIC" from "Porto Novo" (Freedom, 1967)

Ted Daniel's Energy "Giblet" from unreleased live recording (1975) w/ Oliver Lake, Daniel Carter, a.o.

Evan Parker/Peter Evans/John Edwards/Weasel Walter - untitled piece from unreleased live performance (2009)

Arthur Doyle Group "November 8th or 9th - I Can't Remember When" from "Alabama Feelings" (AK-BA, 1978)

Cecil Taylor Unit - side 2 of "The Great Concert of Cecil Taylor" (Prestige, rec. 1969)

So, as you can see, I played tons of HARDCORE free jazz. At a certain point, I gently provoked the listeners and the phones rang off the hook with positive comments. There are still people out there who want to listen to this stuff. I'm glad I had a chance to play it all.

And for something completely different, here is a feature I like to refer to as "TIME TO SUCK":

Time To Suck, Volume One:
The songs I love to hear, at your expense.
Grow A big mustache, quit Spirit, then go to Japan and play "Thunder Island".


Ben W said...

Are the Marshall Allen and Evan Parker dates going to be released?

Weasel Walter said...

They could be released, but it would probably depend on a real label shelling out some advance money for Marshall or Evan. I can't afford to pay anybody an advance on ugEXPLODE.

Both sessions are pretty great. Peter Evans listened to radio show and said he forgot how good the quartet set was!

Rhid said...

Is there a possibility of uploading the show to your blog in the future? Thanks for the track list though !

Weasel Walter said...

i will check with the station and see if they are okay with me posting the show. i'm not sure what their exact attitude is towards rebroadcasting . . .

rhid said...

Brilliant....enjoying your blog immensely and looking forward to the Jack Ruby release, good work !

w said...

thanks for your support. jack ruby hits on october 15th - two days! - at

Anonymous said...

holy shit, how were you able to obtain the Ric Colbeck Group session ? been chasing that one for years.
any chance of u/l the entire recording ?


Weasel Walter said...

a copy of the ric colbeck pixie studio session lives in the tape archives at WKCR. i don't personally have access to the complete recording, but they do. from time to time they focus on certain artists and might broadcast it. we played about half of it during my broadcast.

a little bird told me that a certain label is working on issuing it, but it's too early to let the cat out of the bag.

i asked about sunny murray's mythical "spiritual infinity" session for columbia in 1968 and the same birdy said a label was looking at that too, but said it isn't being issued because it's "not very good". of course, this made me more intrigued, not less. ha ha ha. those tapes do exist and apparently they are in good condition and the recording quality is excellent.

Anonymous said...

cool man, thanks for the info, i appreciate ut.
and needless to say i really hope they'd allow to u/l the broadcast.